How to Make a Fortune on Fiverr!

How to Make a Fortune on Fiverr!

“You can’t earn good money from fiverr selling at only $5 a pop!”

….are the cries from the population.

“You can if you sell enough. Look at McDonald’s who sell burgers for $4!…”

….is the response of those who are a little more switched on.

Lets look at the situation from another perspective. Let’s put on our opportunity spectacles and see through the eyes of a profitable businessperson who doesn’t like to be a busy fool. Let’s swing ourselves around to the other side of the desk.

If you want to profit from fiverr you do not have to participate amongst everyone to offer your own gigs.

Take a brief look at fiverr. Skim through every category and make a brief mental note of the variation of gigs and the sheer effort people are willing to put into these gigs for a pittance of $5.

You do not have to join the collective to scrape in these $5’s ($4 after Fiverr tax) in hope that they will accumulate into something hugely fruitful.

Everyone on fiverr is your workforce.

The proper money to be made from Fiverr is from a process known as arbitrage. This is simply buying and selling for more.

If a user is offering to do a personal portrait for $5 don’t think to yourself “I could do the same because I have artistic talent”, rather “I could build a website to sell this service for $500 pass the work onto this individual and net $495!”

Think Bigger! Think Wiser!

Besides having others work for you, you too can work to offer something on Fiverr.

Ask yourself what skills you possess currently (this saves you from having to learn a new skill) and then ask yourself how you can offer and alter your skills to directly appeal to a set audience. Focus on supplying only this product or service to this demographic.

A person who is skilled at making website might establish themselves as a mobile marketer and decide to market their services to Internet Marketers or local restaurants. Note that the demographic is not everyone. This is a focused demographic which allows the person to narrow their field of vision to strive to achieve a goal.

* Decide what you can do.

* Decide what you are going to do.

* Narrow your offerings down to one product / service.

* Narrow your focus to a set demographic.

* Do it.

* Scale up or adjust based upon response.

A persons biggest mistake is to try and jump into the shoes of the next person rather that respecting themselves for the skills they are likely to already have. If you insist you do not have any valuable skills then pursue learning something new which interests you which has proven to be successful for others in the past who have followed a similar path.

If you discover yourself and your own skills and stay on a focused track you leave yourself with very few reasons why you cannot succeed. Don’t be distracted by others and their offerings or supposed golden opportunities. Keeping focused whilst looking to the front is the faster way to reach your destination!

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