how to make money blogging 2021-2022

How to make money blogging 2021-2022

You want to know how to make money blogging, but you don’t know where to start. Why choose blogging to generate an income online? If you sign up to Squidoo you get everything done for you but it comes at a cost to you.

You could start off to make money blogging if you wanted too; would you not rather learn how to make money blogging with your own blog, generating your own income? Doing whatever you like and not being governed by another company? Putting any links to any product without them saying we don’t allow these types of links? They do help your SEO and are great for this purpose with other blogging elements in place. Using a Squidoo blog to generate a back door to your own site.

If you need help with your writing; teach yourself how to write better, if not; go to for a list of services to help you on your way. When you order give code: 5off for a discounted price. The code is only available here.

(Keep quality in mind when learning how to make money blogging)

If you had the skills to start a word press blog you would have all you need on how to make money blogging. Think carefully on what niche you choose, I would try to find a generic domain name and concentrate on your pages and posts; your pages and posts have authority as content, your domain is more for branding your site, though it can help if targeting specific products or services. Target your keywords in your blog then send traffic to the post or page created. Your site will start to rank eventually because the posts are being viewed and you then start to establish the domain name authority.

How to make money blogging from a generic domain

For instance if you chose Clair’s blog you can pretty much talk about anything in your life? Putting products onto any page, if you can find one. Let’s say you like a specific hair spray! You can say how great your hair is, after the experience of using said hairspray, drop a link onto the post and away you go. As you get more experience you can then dig a little deeper.

Having a generic domain when learning how to make money blogging, at least for a start is a good way to learn about the internet and how it works; when you start to learn more, you may want to expand your online efforts to greater proportions. Ranking specific targeted keywords, you can then direct the traffic to other places on the internet. Those places could be; a created product you made yourself, or another site you created with more in depth information; go here to help you do this this is a secret place for marketers. If you don’t believe me, look at it this way. There are lots of marketers starting or trying to make money online, if they have never heard of this place since 2008 then WHY! Because they are not being sold it. Must be frustrating to the vendor!

How to make money from blogging with a targeted domain

If you know a lot about golf you could do a blog on golf but that is a well targeted niche because of the wealth involved, think of the bigger picture. If you have a generic name and you do a post on golf, you can try to rank certain keywords with one page not an entire website. The ways on how to make money blogging are simple steps, starting one step at a time.

If you want to target specific products you could do a review site, reviewing product and or services. If you choose a targeted niche you may change your mind later, don’t make this mistake! You will not make money blogging if you spread yourself to wide with too many sites. Think on what you want to do then work at it.

The ways on how to make money blogging put you into the world of marketing. Marketing is a close kept secret to those who know about it. I have seen arrogance because you do need a degree to know what you are doing, people have been to university and make lots of money selling other peoples products, because it is well known and people think you can earn millions online in minutes this is not the case. Like anything in life you have to work at it. There is a formula to making money and lots of funnels but they are all basically the same. You have a product + a squeeze page + a funnel + and a list.

If you want to know how to make money blogging then these elements won’t really make a difference in then beginning until you know what to do.

Sign up at you get tutorials and niche specific pre done websites, you get content for you blog. If you don’t have a product and you don’t know the first thing on how to make money blogging then please go to this website, grab your tutorials and start learning today.

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