How To Make Money From Home As A Freelance Writer

How To Make Money From Home As A Freelance Writer

If you are a freelance writer looking for a way to make money from home there are many opportunities available on the Internet. There is an insatiable demand for top quality, engaging content and if you are an efficient writer you can earn a good income. The amount of money you can earn from freelance writing varies depending on the client and quality but a general rule of thumb is one penny per word. One of the biggest hurdles is finding clients who will hire you, there are freelancing websites like and that let you bid on contracts. While these organizations charge a fee for you to use their platform it is a starting point.

One of the best ways you can make money from home as a freelance writer is by creating your own online brand. Figure out what you are an expert in and begin writing articles about those topics. Post those articles on industry related blogs and article marketing sites. Over time as you post more content online you will begin to establish yourself as an expert in that niche. After you have your brand established you will have people contacting you for assignments. Since you are a leading expert you can charge the client more per word. These clients will keep coming back to you on a regular basis to purchase more content provided you follow these three (3) rules.

  1. Always provide top quality content that is unique, engaging and of great benefit to the reader ( You donโ€™t want to be known for plagiarism)

  2. Always meet your deadlines, this cannot be stressed enough!

  3. Have fun, if you are having fun while writing then that enjoyment will transfer to the content which boosts the quality.

There are some people who make a living by being a freelance writer but this career path is not for everyone. You should consider taking a few small jobs in niches you are very familiar with. After you have completed a few of these initial assignments you will know whether freelance writing is for you. If you decide to pursue this career path you must be committed to continuous learning. What you need to do right now is decide whether you want to take action now or wait, The sooner you do take action and try writing the sooner you will know whether this is the right profession for you.

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