How To Setup Your Visa Debit Card To Get Paid From Paypal

(Disclaimer…The Audio Quality was pretty bad, see link below for updated video)

Have you been wondering how you can set up your visa debit card that you keep hearing about, to receive money from Paypal?

There are a couple things you need to know in order to get this done.

You will need:

1) JMMB/Venture or PSCU visa debit card if you are in Trinidad & Tobago

2) Visa Credit Cards work EXCEPT for RBC in T&T

To Note:

1) You cannot receive funds to a Mastercard here in the Caribbean

2) Jamaica is not eligible to receive funds from Jamaica

3) Paypal can decide to release the funds immediately, put your account on a mandatory 30-day hold of funds and can also decide to NOT give your account access to receive funds

Those are completely up to Paypal…I recommend testing small amounts first to see if you are able to withdraw funds…Try $15usd…that way you know for sure if you are able to withdraw funds or if Paypal has decided not to give you access.

Don’t be that person who accepts a large amount of money and realizes they do not have access to receiving funds.

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