[LIVE]Night News-Carefully selected and delivered the latest information !! (September 9, 2021) ▼ New Corona latest information

We will carefully select and deliver the latest information that came in by night! 00:00 Government “Relaxation of Action Restrictions” Without hearing expert opinion 04:16 Mr. Kono visited Mr. Aso before running “Incorporation of votes” Actively 08:25 Death of a man in his 60s at home medical treatment Unable to contact 1 More than a week … 09:30 Increased hospitalization for people in their 50s or younger “Family hospitalization” due to domestic infection also became severe due to early administration of steroids “Timing is important” 18:10 Chairman Omi “Consideration of third vaccination” to the government Proposal 18:56 “Secret festival” positive person Further … The performer who makes a donation is also 21:11 Mako-sama Will you get married by the end of the year and move to NY? What is the procedure? 24:31 Where? A series of monkeys infested in Tokyo Local governments also alerted 27:35 Food poisoning at a nursing facility Egg gratin to Staphylococcus aureus 28:11 From a plant pot decorated with the Sea Red Spider Olympics at an elementary school 28:58 “Abandoned my brother” 58-year-old “younger brother” Demonstration body from the bag of the house 29:39 “Money, money” threatening a foreign clerk … Man’s video released 30:25 The cause was “not visible” Reported by an aerial F2 fighter contact accident 31:17 Korean restaurants Criticism of Corona Regulation Extension in Vehicle Demonstration 32:16 Tullivan Fighter “Suppression” with Whip Woman During Protest Demonstration 33:01 Request to Eliminate China’s “Boys Love” as Bad Culture 33:54 North Korea’s Midnight Military Parade Appeared in Masaon’s suit 34:31 Peace of mind with the in-car monitor! Self-driving taxi in Yokohama 35:09 To reduce loss in Baumkuchen! Experiment linked with Dai Nippon Printing ◆ TV Asahi News https://news.tv-asahi.co.jp/ # COVID19 #New Coronavirus #TV Asahi news

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