NEWS --Beautiful [Official Music Clip (short ver.)]

NEWS 26th Triple A-side Single From “Beautiful / Chincha Umaka / Canarya” (released on December 23, 2020), the official music clip of “Beautiful” recorded in the first edition A! !! TV TOKYO drama holic! The theme song for “Rental Nan Mo Shinai Hito”. One song with a beautiful and soft melody.[First Edition A]JECN-611 / 2 ▶ CD M-1 Beautiful M-2 Chincha Umaka M-3 Canarya M-4 CHANGES ▶ DVD “Beautiful” Music Clip & Making[First Edition B]JECN-06 13/4 ▶ CD M-1 Chincha Umaka M-2 Beautiful M-3 Canarya M-4 Oborotsuki ▶ DVD “Chincha Umaka” Music Clip & Making[Regular Edition]JECN-06 13/4 ▶ CD M-1 Beautiful M-2 Chincha Uma Ka M-3 Canary M-4 Endless Summer ■ NEWS Official Site #NEWS #Beautiful #Chincha Umaka #Canary.

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