NEWS - BURN [Official Music Clip (short ver.)]

From the NEWS 27th Single “BURN” (released on June 30, 2021), the official music clip of “BURN” recorded in the first edition A! !! Yomiuri TV / NTV TV anime “Yashahime: Princess Half-Young” Ichi Chapter 2 Cool Opening theme, one song with a fast-paced rock sound! Don’t miss NEWS, which sings the message “BURN” = “burn your heart” emotionally! !![First edition A]JECN-645 / 6 ▶ CD M-1 BURN M-2 Narukami Mai (reading: Narukami) M-3 I don’t want to be a god ▶ DVD “BURN” Music Clip & Making[First edition B]JECN-0647 / 8 ▶ CD M-1 BURN M-2 Narugami Mai M-3 BURN (STUDIO LIVE RECORDING Ver.) ▶ DVD STUDIO LIVE RECORDING BURN / Champagne Gold / The sun rises again / SNOW EXPRESS[Regular Edition]JECN- 0649 ▶ CD M-1 BURN M-2 Narugami Mai M-3 FLY HIGH M-4 Champagne Gold (STUDIO LIVE RECORDING Ver.) M-5 BURN (original karaoke) M-6 Narugami Mai (original karaoke) M- 7 FLY HIGH (Original Karaoke) M-8 Champagne Gold (STUDIO LIVE RECORDING KARAOKE Ver.) ■ NEWS Official Site #NEWS #BURN #Hanyou no Yashahime OP.

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