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Does Taking Online Surveys Really Pay Cash?

By Alan Bardar | Submitted On February 19, 2011

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I have come across plenty of website that claim me to make big money online through paid surveys. I think you also have come across some so-called paid surveys sites. But one question always arises, “Does taking online surveys really pay cash?”

So, what is the true about surveys? Does taking online surveys really pay cash?

My experience is there are some legitimate survey sites that really pay cash and also there are some scam sites that don’t pay anyone for his work.

Most people are being victim of paid survey scams, because they think that all so-called paid survey sites are legitimate and they really pay to their members. Well, if you have been scammed by any scam sites, then don’t worry; you’re not the one person who was being scammed. One year ago I was also a victim of online scams. But now, I’m making decent extra money through CPA programs, paid surveys and Affiliate marketing.

Well, I’m going to talk about online surveys and how much you can expect to earn money by taking surveys.

First of all, you can really make money taking online surveys only if you work with legitimate survey sites. If you work with a scam site, you won’t be able to make any money, no matter how much hard work you do. So, it’s important for you to join only legitimate sites. Later I’ll show you how to find legitimate paid survey sites.

Secondly, your survey money depends upon the number of survey database companies you have. If you join only 5 to 10 sites, then you won’t receive plenty of surveys and you won’t be able to make decent money by filling up survey forms.

I got enough survey invitation when I joined more than 100 sites. So, you must find as much legitimate sites as you can.

Thirdly, your demography also plays a big role on how much money you can make by taking online surveys. It is important how many market research companies are available in your region. If there are only a few market research companies in your region, then you can’t make enough money by taking online surveys.

Pay close attention on all of these and you’ll no further asking, “Dose taking online surveys really pay cash?” Well, the most important part of making money through online surveys is to find legitimate survey sites. So, spend some time on Google and online forums, and do some research to find them.

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