Oral Sex - How To Quickly And Easily Teach Your Woman How To Give You The Best Blow Job Ever

Oral Sex – How To Quickly And Easily Teach Your Woman How To Give You The Best Blow Job Ever

Some women seem to be naturally very good at giving blow jobs, whilst others seem to struggle. If you want to discover how to teach your woman how to give you the BEST BLOW JOB EVER – this article is for you.

And it doesn’t matter whether your woman is already very good (and you just want to make her even better) or whether she currently struggles, or perhaps even dislikes giving blow jobs – THE SEX ADVICE you are about to read is going to help you out.

And it’s not the kind of advice you find in the major mainstream men’s magazines or on the television or radio.

Nope. This is way better than that.

So let’s get into the ORAL SEX advice…

How To Quickly And Easily Teach Your Woman How To Give You The Best Blow Job Ever

First of all, know that it will be much easier to get your woman to give you a blow job exactly how you want it – if you give her an ORGASM or two first.

So, when you take your woman to the bedroom, get her all wet and turned on – then take her clothes off and give her a CLITORAL ORGASM, then give her a VAGINAL ORGASM or two (use the deep spot method to do this).

Then, when your woman is feeling really good about you because you just gave her lots of SEXUAL PLEASURE – get her to give you a Blow Job.

Do not make the mistake of not giving her the orgasms first. If you do, you can expect her to be less responsive to your commands, which is not a good thing if you are hoping to teach her how to give you a blow job exactly as you would like it.

Ok, now that’s clear, let’s move on…

Let’s assume that your woman is giving you oral pleasure but she’s not doing it as you would like.

The way you sort this out is to simply TELL HER what you want.

Use simple language to do this and be very clear with your instructions.

Also, make sure you MAKE HER FEEL GOOD about the whole experience. Please believe me, if you don’t make her feel good about giving you a blow job – you will not get what you want.

You must make your woman feel good throughout the entire experience.

Ok, here is how you do it…

Let’s assume that your woman is making some of the common mistakes that women make whilst giving blow jobs…

  • She’s not got your ‘tool’ wet enough

  • She’s hurting you a little bit with her teeth

  • She’s only using her mouth (and not her hands)

Now we’ve set the scenario, let me show you how to take your woman from being average to being a GREAT giver of BLOW JOBS very quickly and very easily.

This is what you must do:

1. Keep telling her it FEELS GOOD

2. Tell her exactly what you want her to do

Here are some examples…

If you want her to make your ‘tool’ a bit wetter, tell her:

“Darling, that feels so good. Now lick it up and down for me and get it really wet”

If she is using her teeth by accident, simply say:

“That feels so good babe, just be careful with your teeth”

If you want your woman to use her hand as well as her mouth whilst she is giving you a blow job – take her hand put it around the base of your ‘tool’. She will get the idea.

There you go.

That’s how to make your woman give you the best Blow Jobs EVER. Most guys mess up because they make their woman feel bad about the situation and they don’t know how to teach her to give them blow jobs the way they want.

If you obey my rules, you will succeed very quickly. To re-cap:

  • Keep telling your woman what she is doing FEELS GOOD

  • Tell her very simply and very clearly what you want her to do

Oh. And do not forget to give her INCREDIBLE SEXUAL PLEASURE before you get her to give you a blow job. This simple tip improves the success you’ll have in a way that is hard to imagine, until you try it.

So, try it TONIGHT and give your woman a clitoral orgasm and one or two VAGINAL ORGASMS before you use the rest of the techniques I’ve shared with you here.

Give your woman INCREDIBLE PLEASURE and you’ll get everything you want in return (great blow jobs included). Period.

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