Paid Surveys - Do You Have to Pay Membership Fees in Paid Survey Sites?

Paid Surveys – Do You Have to Pay Membership Fees in Paid Survey Sites?

Paid surveys are made to collect information from consumers and in exchange the participant will receive a certain reward. This information will be used to further enhance and develop the product. Compared to the traditional method of collecting data, this method saves a lot more time and money on the part of providers. They can easily collect all the information and also gives the participants a chance to be part of the development of the product.

If you search the internet you will find dozens or even a hundred survey sites that are asking a certain amount of money in order to participate in paid surveys. Do people really have to pay in order to get paid in surveys?

The answer is NO (feel the emphasis), survey providers and contracted by large companies to conduct surveys. They get paid while hosting these surveys. Legitimate sites would not mind spending a few thousand dollars just to keep the site up and running, this amount is just a small fraction of what the companies are paying them to conduct these surveys. To make things simple, if they are really making money from product companies, they would not be asking a membership fee from people, because it can discourage people from joining the site and since they are constantly looking for participants it can affect the performance of the survey company.

When we were kids, our parents kept on telling us that we should not accept free items from strangers. In paid surveys choosing the site that does not ask anything in exchange for the survey is wiser and safer. If you happen to encounter a site that asks for a certain amount as membership fee, you should immediately leave the site because most of them are only after your money.

Of course, in every rule, there is always an exemption, but before paying any amount, make sure that you have conducted a research. If you are not sure about its legitimacy, simply look for another site and avoid having contact with them. Beginners are advised not to join survey sites that requires their members a certain amount, this is to avoid losing your hard earned money. Always remember that conducting a research will not slow you down, in fact, the will ensure your success in paid surveys.

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