PeopleString Review 2011 - What Is PeopleString?

PeopleString Review 2011 – What Is PeopleString?

What is PeopleString?

PeopleString is a social networking site founded in February 2009 marketing what was then a revolutionary and fun way of earning money by doing what you already do – email, socializing on facebook, & playing games. While sign up is still 100% free; PeopleString has been unable to generate the anticipated enthusiasm among the internet community. Recent trends of PeopleString Corporation stock shows a horrifying decline in stock price over the past few months. The current price is around 15 cents/share while the 52-week high was $1.12. Based on my own daily observation of active members over the past 6 months I’ve rarely seen more than a 100 members online at any given time.

I do not claim expert regarding reasons for company failure to generate enthusiasm. However, from my observation there seems to be a great deal of flux within the PeopleString revenue sharing plan. The focus of the corporate plan seems to change too frequently and there is almost a sense that they are trying to attack the market from too many angles. There is the basic free PeopleString package, an entrepreneur package, PeopleDeals, Share It Up, PeoplePoints – too many things that, while in concept are great, are poorly implemented and confusing to members. But that’s just my opinion. If you’re looking to earn they do offer reasonable commissions for referrals (.50$ for every FREE member you refer) but the amounts earned for your individual activities (doing what you already do) are weak at best. The logic is that the payments boosted by your downline will supplement your overall earnings. Still, with such seemingly poor interest in the PeopleString concept I believe actual earnings would prove difficult unless increased enthusiasm for the product is shown.

Is PeopleString a scam?

There is solid evidence of members being paid and, in fact, the PeopleString service is free so no – PeopleString is not a scam. By the same token – I find little evidence of great earnings by anyone, except a few early members with extended downline. Even so, you will have to dig deep to find them touting continued success in achieving great revenue.

Should you join PeopleString?

PeopleString does have a great set of features that make it unique among the “paid social networking sites”. One of the most useful is the recall email feature that allows members to unsend email that has already been sent or even read. I use this daily and it works quite well. In addition, if you are an online shopper then there are some savings that can be obtained through their integrated programs – also free.

The bottom line: PeopleString is a great concept that I wish would catch on but the outlook doesn’t look entirely bright for the publicly traded company. Still, if you’re looking to cash in on a few extra bucks doing what you already do then you may as well pocket the change as opposed to the companies and websites earning millions from your clicks.

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