Salary In Digital Marketing Field.What Is The Salary For Entry Level Digital Marketing Professional?

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What Is The Average Salary For Digital Marketing Professional ?

Some stats I am putting hear but they keep changing with time..

But if you do a little bit of research, you will be able to find out that digital marketing jobs are much more interesting, satisfying and well paying than other types of jobs.

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I have helped a lot of people one-on-one but now I get so many requests for help, I am not able to reply to each one of them individually.

That’s why I am creating this video series.

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With the ever increasing growth of Digital Media spend, Career in Digital Marketing is one of the hottest choices among Students & Professionals.

For anyone who’s considering entering or shifting to Digital Marketing industry, an obvious question is ‘What kind of salary can I expect?’. Salaries in Digital Marketing industry are a function of number of parameters especially:

Type & Size of Organization: Companies who understand and rely on Digital Marketing for their growth are likely to pay higher compared to the ones who are not betting big on Digital Marketing.

Fast-growing (or funded) startups and large corporations especially MNCs are likely to offer higher salaries compared to other companies.

Educational Qualification: While there’s no pre-requisite in terms of degree/diploma to enter into digital marketing at a large number of organizations, having qualification(s) which ensure relevant skills (e.g. communication, creativity, analytical reasoning) are naturally going to benefit the candidate.

Digital Marketing Knowledge & Skills: At an entry level, one will not have professional experience but one’s commitment in acquiring relevant digital marketing knowledge & skills through various means (e.g. learning through an industry-recognized digital marketing course, self-practice, internship) are going to play an important role in getting higher salary. .

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