Take Free Paid Online Surveys For Money? - 3 Things You Need to Know

Take Free Paid Online Surveys For Money? – 3 Things You Need to Know

Hype vs. Reality. Sure, you CAN take free paid online surveys for money and do well. Surveys are a big business on the Internet, with thousands of surveys being made every week. But you need to be careful to separate the promotional hype from the reality.

You can take online surveys for money, but don’t believe the claims that you can make $3,000 or more per month. The reality is that $200 to $600 is average and the upper limit is probably a little over $1,000 a month. The actual amount you can make will depend on your diligence and your demographics.

If you live close to densely populated urban areas there will be more surveys and more money. In sparsely populated or less affluent areas there will be fewer surveys and less money.

All Surveys are Not Equal. Sure there are plenty of surveys, but only about 20% are the high-paying legitimate paid online surveys you always want to take. About 40% more are 2nd tier; they don’t pay as well but are still worthwhile. The remaining 40% are no-pay/low-pay surveys or sales offers that are to be avoided.

There is no such thing as a free list. Every list is paid for, if not by the user then by the survey makers that pay agents to recruit for them.

Now here’s the catch. The good survey makers have low turnover and do not recruit much. Word of mouth and referrals from their current survey participants is all they need. But the lower 40% don’t pay or don’t pay very well. They have high turnover and must constantly recruit new participants. So they pay agents to send newbies to them.

Generally speaking, you get a “free” list and you end up wasting time taking low paid surveys for third class survey makers in a “no way to win” situation. It’s better to join a paid survey membership site that maintains good lists of survey makers for their members.

Initial setup work. Sure the free paid online surveys don’t cost you anything, but you must apply to the survey makers to get on their lists and get sent survey offers. There are over 700 survey makers in the U.S. and over 3000 worldwide. These guys all compete with each other. They don’t share lists! So you have to apply to each separately, online.

To take online surveys for money and really make significant money, you will need to sign up with 150-200 survey makers. You see, you won’t qualify for many surveys. Surveys are each aimed at a specific segment of the population defined by certain demographics.

One deals with women’s cosmetics and is aimed at women 35-65 in households with over $100 thousand a year income, situated west of the Rockies. Another deals with men’s sports cologne and is aimed at males 16-35 who participate in sports and live in Florida.

You never know which survey maker will have surveys that match your demographics. So to take free paid online surveys and make money you can’t take chances. You need to sign up with all the good survey makers you can find. That usually means from 150 – 200 of them.

While it is true that you make good money from surveys using just a few minutes to fill them out, you will need to spend some significant time up front just getting registered with the survey makers.

Altogether though, it’s still worthwhile. Taking surveys is fun and easy and the money’s not bad. For more details and info about taking free paid online surveys for money, just follow the links below…

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