Ways to Get Your Husband to Pay More Attention to You

Ways to Get Your Husband to Pay More Attention to You

Ways to get your husband to pay more attention to you may be uppermost on your mind. As I write this, the Super Bowl just finished. That may mean that your husband has been a little distracted lately.

Actually, he doesn’t think that he is distracted. He is really quite focused on that which has his interest.

It doesn’t have to be the Super Bowl that seems to take his attention away from you. After all, there is “March Madness” and basketball.

You say, “Don’t remind me. Is it really coming up that fast?”

1. A sly trick that some wives use is to become interested (or to fake interest in) that sport that their husbands love so much. In some cases, that is not hard because the wife really does share such an interest with her husband. However, if you don’t naturally share that interest, you can begin by asking questions.

Be careful about asking too many questions, though. That can keep him from being able to enjoy the game himself, and that will defeat your purpose.

Ask about the rules. Then, try to remember the rules. Ask about who some of the better players are. Ask about his involvement in the sport in the earlier days. He might even talk to you about something he has never told you before.

That is one of the tricks that may help you too..

Why do husbands not pay attention to their wives?

Sometimes they face pressures outside the marriage. They are concerned about providing for their families. They are concerned about their performance on the job.

Then they may also face pressures from the marriage itself?

Could that be? Surely not! you may think.

Yet, he may be concerned about how to raise your children. He may be struggling with some of the same things you face: like how to provide a balance between discipline and liberty. He may be concerned about your children’s choice of friends.

Then, though you may not know it, he may be concerned about how well he is doing at being a good husband to you.

Husbands may seem gruff, independent, maybe a little hard, and maybe seeming like they have need of nothing.

Don’t let that exterior fool you.

Most husbands have a desperate need, and what it is may surprise you.

2. Meet that surprising need.

You see, most husbands need their wives’ approval. They need their wives’ admiration and respect.

If you can really grasp this, you will have discovered one of the most important ways to get your husband to pay more attention to you.

They also like to feel that they are succeeding at something.

So, how can you get your husband to pay more attention to you? Well, don’t appear extremely needy and dissatisfied. That just increases his frustration, and it will probably cause him to withdraw more.

Figure out how you can encourage him. Build him up.

3. Be his cheerleader. Really. If you don’t, someone else may, and he may start paying attention to her!

So, this is another of the devices you can use to get your husband to pay attention to you.

Actually, these may be three of the most important ways to get your husband to pay attention to you.

However, don’t just stop here. Always be on the lookout for good tips to improve your marriage.

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