4 Principles Of Marketing Strategy | Adam Erhart

4 Principles Of Marketing Strategy | Adam Erhart

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In this episode I’m going to teach you 4 principles of marketing strategy that when applied will immediately improve the results of all of your marketing from this day forward.

If you want to know: How do I get customers? How do I determine my target markets? What’s my competitive advantage?

And… how to truly get better results from your marketing then you’re going to need to tune out, disregard, and pretty much ignore 90% of what’s being pushed online today and instead focus only on the things that are actually working and that actually drive real business results which aren’t based on the latest tricks, hacks, or tactics, but on proven marketing fundamentals.

These are the principles that the professionals are using in one way shape or form in order to consistently generate results so by learning, and using them, you’re gaining a significant advantage in the marketplace.

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