6 Keys to Planning and Inbound Marketing Strategy

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So one of the things that we do or talk about often here is inbound marketing. How inbound works. We’ve discussed what inbound is and the difference between inbound and outbound, but really for a brief overview, inbound marketing is any kind of marketing that pools users towards you, invites them into that conversation with you. This would be like blogging, search engine optimization. These are the actions where the user actually opts in to hear from you.

And this allows for you to have a much higher ROI and response because they have opted in to hear from you, you didn’t interrupt their lives by buying advertising, placing that in front of them. So inbound is a very popular strategy. There’s a lot of businesses and companies using it. It’s nothing new. It’s been around for quite a while. I’m more into talking about how we can do that effectively and what the six keys to inbound are. .







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