8 Passive Income Ideas for 2021 | Earn $900+ A Day From Home!

Today we look at 8 monthly passive income ideas. Discouraged by stay at home orders? Don’t worry. In this deep dive we look at how you can get started earning passive income even from $0.

Here Are 8 Ways To Earn Money Online:

#1 – Create A Subscription Service

The pandemic has accelerated online trends including shopify, e-commerce, amazon and the like. Many brick and mortar retailers have moved online for survival, creating abundant opportunity if you spot a need which is underserved and can be met by drop shipping the right product or creating a business to supply it to customers. We look at coffee beans as an example.

#2 – Sell On eBay

Selling online can be a great way to rebalance the books especially after Christmas when many people have overspent on gifts for relatives. Take some quality photographs and upload items as individual listings on eBay. You may be surprised at how quickly the pennies roll in if you can sell some quality goods to willing buyers.

#3 – Create Online Classes

Online classes is the third method. These are mainstream for school and college. But for many people, education is a constant never ending pursuit throughout life. Perhaps you used to be a gym coach and your place of employment has been forced to close. You could create videos or downloadable workout tutorials & make bonus content available through patreon subscriptions. This sort of offering is especially popular at the start of a new year. So many people who have indulged in one doorstep sized slice of chocolate yule log too many, are now promising themselves they’ll lose weight in 2021

#4 – Write An Amazon E-book

Is there something that you’re passionate about or that lockdown has renewed your interest in? Whatever the case may be, whether it’s cooking, archery, playing an instrument or applying to college, never underestimate the insights that your treasure trove of experiences can provide to others. Maybe it’s model making, organising stamps or collecting train set parts, painting warhammer figurines or sewing ballet costumes. If you can write interestingly, people will be pleased to download your book if it awakens their unspoken interests or desires.

#5 – Afflilate Marketing

This is probably most relevant to viewers who have their own youtube or instagram channels which they’re reasonably active on, with at least a smattering of a following of some kind. Let’s say you review a camera on a youtube video, and you post an affiliate link in the description, a portion of the traffic will click the link, purchase the camera then the retailer will reimburse a portion of the sales proceeds you for posting that link. For years I thought only Amazon did this but as it turns out hundreds, possibly even thousands of brands offer affiliate partnership programs.

So how do you take advantage of this? Go to this address: https://app.impact.com. Step 1 create an account. Step 2 wait three days. Step 3 receive an e-mail from them that says that you’re approved to partner with brands. You can then browse through the list of brands and either apply online or e-mail the company about an affiliate partnership. You might offer to review a product or service provided by the brand on your channel. Some you tubers actually begin their videos by thanking their sponsors and partners and providing a short description of a linked item that might benefit the viewer. While I haven’t started to do this yet in my own videos, I rule nothing out if the bailiffs come knocking.

#6 – Invest In Dividend Stocks

The idea here is that you’re investing in companies that pay biannual or quarterly dividends regardless of the performance of the underlying company. Look for companies which increase their dividend payout ratios annually. Examples include Intel and Altria but there are literally hundreds and hundreds. and invest in companies which payout at different times of the year so that you always have a regular stream of money coming in to do with what you choose whether that’s covering your living or business expenses or reinvesting the dividends for compounded gains, which is definitely wise if your goal is to accumulate a certain sum of money for your retirement or after.

#7 – Breed Puppies

Pet ownership has exploded durnig 2020 and is set to continue in popularity in 2021. Pedigree dog breeders have increased the money that they charge per pet. But breeding puppies is not a get rich quick scheme, or at least it shouldn’t be. It requires research and must always be done ethically, responsibly, and after serious thought and discussion with family members and professionals. All proceeds will also be subject to income tax, as is the case for every revenue generation idea described in this video.

#8 – Become A Landlord

Earn rent this way. Watch the full video for more!

Hope you learned and got something out of this passive income video!

*The video is accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future. .

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