– A Drip Marketing Program That Boost Your Sales

A drip marketing program is a marketing strategy that sends out pre-written messages to customers over time. Many times, marketers call these messages (usually email) “drips.” This is because these drips have value adding tiny bits of information that help nurture the customer along. Over time, these drips help warm up the customer, keep your product or service top of mind, and eventually close the customer.

Over and over, Drip campaigns are effective at closing sales. – Boost Your Sales with Powerful Drip Campaigns – TickleTrain Drip Marketing

Follow Up

Did you know that 80% of sales require at least five follow-ups with your contact? Wow. Can you believe it? 80% of sales require you to be in constant communication with the customer to close the deal. That’s a lot of manual work.

Introducing TickleTrain

What if you had those follow-ups already written out and sent to your prospective customer on a regular schedule? TickleTrain is your answer because TickleTrain is a drip marketing program that will do all the work for you. – Make More Sales with A Drip Marketing Program

It’s Easy To Use

Tickle Train is easy to use. As a matter of fact, with TickleTrain, there isn’t anything that you really need to learn. Also, TickleTrain works with any email client out there.

How does it work? Simply sign up for the service. After that, whenever you place a special email address in the BCC field of your email client, TickleTrain will start working and setup drip campaigns for you. TickleTrain comes with pre loaded “Tickles”. A Tickle is an email address that you use to put your leads into the automated sales cycle. Or more precisely, it’s what creates your follow-up campaign, often referred to as “drip” emails. To use it, all you do it send out an email and place a special email address in the BCC field of your email client.

Automating Your Leads

TickleTrain is a drip marketing program that fully automates you drip campaigns. You’re customer will get personalized emails from you as if you spent the time to type out the email to that customer yourself. When your customer is ready to purchase, the top-of-mind awareness you’ve created and your diligent communications, will make your customer think of you and convert the sale. With TickelTrain, you’ll convert your cold leads into more paying customers, again and again.

Try TickleTrain For Free –

Try out TickleTrain for free, right now. With TickleTrain, you’ll be using drip campaigns to boost productivity, maximizing sales, warming up leads, and making more sales. Jump over to, click sign-up, and select the Blue Line program. This Blue Line Program allows you to use up to 10 campaigns, the use of unlimited tickles, branding, and use the gmail chrome plugin. So, what are you waiting for? Put your emails on autopilot with TickleTrain.

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