Content Marketing 101 Copy-Paste Template (Free download + Content Marketing Guide). Leverage this simple 5 step content marketing plan so your content connects with your ideal customers and stands out from the internet noise.

What Is Content Marketing

Step 1: User Experience Level

Step 2: The Content Gap Question

Step 3: How To Choose Your Medium

Step 4: How To Schedule Your Content

Step 5: How To Promote Your Content

Bonus: Content CTA

#1 Content Marketing Mistake

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In this content marketing 101 tutorial you are going to learn the 5 simple steps for developing a solid content marketing strategy. When it comes to content marketing, it’s very easy to get sucked into all the details and work around producing great content customers will love.

The real challenge starts with your content marketing plan. The foundation of content marketing 101. It’s a lot more fun to jump into the 201 and 301 stuff but those advanced content marketing strategies and plans won’t work without the 5 basic steps you’ll learn about here.

This is the first video of the Content Marketing 101 series I’ll be doing, so it will just give you an introduction to the top 5 steps and a few benefits of content marketing along with a free template you can download (see link above).

Setting clear goals and objectives for your content is the first step in developing your content marketing plan. In the video I’ll show you exactly how to make sure your content stays in line with your small business goals and sales objectives.

Once you’ve chosen your marketing objectives and determined whether you’re going to be doing blog posts, YouTube videos, or Podcasts you’ll have to find a schedule that best suits you. Every step in the 5 step content plan process is designed to help you craft a content marketing plan that is completely inline with your business goals so you don’t get stuck on the content marketing hamster wheel of death.

This is everything you need to know to get started, so watch this content marketing 101 tutorial now to get started!

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