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You have seen the debut of Cricketers and Actors. But this time let’s see the “Debut of Digital Marketer”.

A week ago I had a consultation with one of my LinkedIn connections and he was very new in digital marketing. The very first question he asked, “Which course to start for digital marketing?”. And the very next day I was very surprised.

Hi, everyone, this is Vikram and you are watching vikramthinks, I make videos on digital marketing.

Don’t you think ?? The very easy solution for any problem is Googling the problem.

The Debutant digital marketer did the same while typing it on Google

“Free digital marketing course”?

“Best free digital marketing courses”?

“Digital marketing courses for beginners”?

And he got our favorite course to start with digital marketing.

Guess it??? Are you able to ???


“Fundamentals of digital marketing from Google”.

“Digital google garage course”

This is a free course provided by Google and it’s for beginners. It consists of 26 modules and 40 hours of learning.

I highly recommend “Fundamentals of digital marketing ” to start your digital marketing learnings.

But, But

The various common mistakes we do while learning digital marketing from Google. Let us handle those queries.

Before Starting the fundamentals of digital marketing course…

1- Set a Goal

What do you want to achieve after completion of a basic digital marketing course from Google???

Whether you want a “Job” or a tag of “Digital Marketer” or answer to your confusion that…

How a digital marketing career looks like???

Is digital marketing a good career option???

What are things that need to learn to become a good digital marketer???

If you ask me “I highly recommend” Set a goal that gives the answer to your confusion.

2- Don’t finish the course too fast.

We are in hurry to finish the fundaments of digital marketing course too fast.

I literally don’t know why???

Don’t play like Yuvraj sing “666…”.

Play like Rahul Dravid, Take your time to finish it, the more time you take the better digital marketer you become.

Take almost 30 days to 45 days to finish “Fundamentals of digital marketing from Digital Google Unlocked”.

And then impress to LinkedIn, your friends, etc.

3- Put it on Linkedln

But, not the way we do.

Finished the whole module today and the very next day post the digital marketing certificate.

In those 30-45 days, whatever you are learning put it on LinkedIn.

Showcase any achievement, showcase skills, and various other things on a regular interval so that to maximize the reach.

4- Then go for a Paid Digital Marketing course.

The biggest mistake we do, we stop after learning the fundamentals of digital marketing, this is a beginner level course stated by Google itself.

My next video will be about, the paid courses that you can opt for your learning.

If you are looking for a 1:1 mentorship –

I help individuals to get started with digital marketing and clear their basics confusion.

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Thank you .


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