Easy Ways To Promote Your Blog

It feels good to be writing for EzineArticles again. Haven’t done so as I was still busy with my music career. Since I’m back to being a full time blogger and internet marketer I would like to share a few easy to implement tips to promote your blog. The 1st thing you’ll need is good content on your blog.

Give the visitor something of value so that they can share it online. This will help spread the word. Now let’s look at some easy ways to promote your blog to get more loyal readers, increase profits and build an email list.

Submit Your Blog To Directories

The good thing about blog directories is that you find a lot of likeminded people and bloggers and that will help you get more readers and subscribers. Instead of going to Google to find top blogs you go to these directories and see what’s hot and follow the hot stories, comment and be part of the community.

You’ll also be getting backlinks and the traffic is good because it’s targeted. Here’s are the 3 top blog directories:

– Blog Catalog

– Blogarama

– Best of the Web Blog Search

These ones are very selective with who to add on their directory so you’ll find good people who know what their doing there. If your blog doesn’t get accepted just know it doesn’t have good content.

Get Your Content Featured On Top Blogs

Guest blogging is another great strategy. If you know something, a strategy or trick that a lot of people don’t know about in your niche. Or have an advance techique to use a specific software. Then you can approach a blog owner (who gets a lot of traffic) and give them a short 500 word article talking about the trick.

Just as long as the article has an “Ahh Haa Monment” and the blog owner thinks it will be valuable to he’s subscribers then he’ll post it on his blog and you’ll get a good backlink and a lot of visitors to your blog.

Analyze Your Competition

Use websites and tools such as Alexa, Quantcast and SEMrush to analyze your competitors. See where their biggest visitors are coming from and see if you can get traffic from the same source. See the demographics of their visitors, their age, education level, do they have kids etc.

Once you have all this info it will be easy to set up the blog properly, you’ll know what language to use and no need to worry about how to promote your blog because you already know where the big blogs are getting the traffic so you just go there and get it.

There’s a lot of ways to promote your blog or site, these are just a few I like sharing because when applied correctly you’ll start seeing good traffic in just a few weeks. You can also use social media networks, bookmarking sites, press releases, blog commenting, PPV, solo ads and a whole lot other techniques.

But my advise to you would be to find one strategy that you’ll be comfortable with and use that only, don’t jump from one technique to the other. Use one and master it, they all work you just need a way to model it and make it work well for you. When you say you’ve mastered a technique it should make you at least $1k per month then you can say you’ve mastered it.

That’s it for now I’m looking forward to post more articles here so you’ll be seeing more of me here very soon. Peace!!

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