In 2021, SMS marketing is more effective than ever: the current digital landscape has transformed “banal SMS” into one of the main communication tools. Why and what are the best practices? Let’s find out together in this complete and exhaustive video guide on all aspects of SMS marketing. *** INDEX: 0:00 Introduction 01:00 SMS marketing: data in 2021 03:28 SMS marketing or WhatsApp: let’s get out of the question 06:00 SMS marketing: what goals you can reach 06:22 SMS to sell 07:57 SMS to build loyalty 10:30 SMS to acquire new customers 12:25 How to collect mobile numbers 12:45 What it means to be in compliance with GDPR 14:42 Tools and strategies to collect numbers 17:50 Give something in return 18:28 Buy a database: yes or no? 20:10 How to write the SMS that works 22:22 SMS marketing: choose the platform TRY FOR FREE: ► Start with your first SMS marketing campaign, no fees! 🔥 .ic If you liked this video, leave us a like 👍 and subscribe to the channel 👉 💓 These are two small gestures, which are worth a lot to us! .


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