Here’s A Manifesting Abundance Exercise To Attract Wealth And Get The Life You Want

Here’s a simple, fun and easy workout to improve your wealth awareness, focus your mind and get behind yourself so that you can attract and manifest wealth for real, and in due time.

The following exercise is among many mini-workouts you can do at your computer, without even having to get up, and does not take any more than a quick minute or so to complete.

When you boil down one floor at a time in a tall building, this is a fundamental power of visualization exercise which is extremely cool to do for real.

For now, imagine you’re in a ten story building starting at the 10th floor, you must stop off at each other floor to check in with you action step coach or teacher or mentor, however you decide to call him/her.

When you greet your Teacher you will make a wealth affirmation, on each floor.

Okay, let’s begin, you are now on the 10th floor and abundance awaits you in the lobby at ground level once you’ve taken a lesson at each floor.

Floor 10: I am prepared for prosperity and abundance!

Take a deep breath and go the next action.

Floor 9: Manifesting Abundance is my birthright.

Proceed and take a deep breath to the next action.

Floor 8: I am easily learning how to attract wealth.

Move and take a deep breath to the next action.

Floor 7: The secret of attraction aligns with me easily.

Go and take a deep breath to the next floor for another action.

Floor 6: I welcome wealth creation into all I do.

Take a deep breath and to the next action.

Floor 5: The Law of Attraction is my partner and my good friend.

Go and take a deep breath to the next floor to the next affirmation.

Floor 4: How to attract money is fun and easy.

Take a deep breath and meet your Teacher on the next floor.

Floor 3: Wealth creation enters into all and every aspect of my life.

Go and take a deep breath to the next action.

Floor 2: I am now totally aligned with the universal law of attraction…

Now take a deep breath get in the elevator and OPEN YOUR ARMS in the lobby of the 1st floor of the wealth creation building:

Floor 1: I AM ABUNDANT and prosperous NOW!

Smile, take in a breath of fresh air, and walk out of the building and into your new life filled with prosperity and abundance!

Previously I discussed the psychology of money and why understanding it deeply may bring to you the life you’ve always dreamed of, and this led us to explore why inner focus and visualization is so crucial for success.


Remember to surround yourself with photos, videos, writings, and more of those same things.

Another important thing to do to attract abundance is to develop on your successes.

Now you might be seeing that you really want to attract wealth, and that you don’t desire to be unhealthy, or lacking in any way, or have negative things in your life.

Your how to attract wealth strategy ought to illustrate where you are now, where you prepare to be in the future, and how you’re going to get there.

If things aren’t going like you actually want, if your health is suffering, or you’re in a mode of lack or a scarcity mindset, then it’s due to you attracting those things into your life.

If you enjoyed this fun practice I like to use in a breathing meditation exercise, by all means be sure to search the net for all sorts of helpful hints for a better life.

To abundance and prosperity in your life!

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