how can I make money by writing 2021 ( freelance writing)

upmaking money online is becoming one of the easiest ways to make money so as a writer you ask yourself how can I make money by writing 2021. well I’m going to give you one of the best website you can make money from in 2021. moneypantry is one of the best ways to get money by writing apart from fiver, this is what we call freelance writing as people try to work from home due to the current situations so most turn to making money online which happens to be the best way to earn money fast. Also people who are trying to make money with no experience and they decide to freelance writing no experience they first need to look for website that can pay them to write that’s where Online writing jobs come in. You need to source out the best platforms to publish your article so one of the freelance writing websites is moneypantry here you’ll be able to make money from home also if you are thinking of starting a blog I’ll show you how you can monetize your content and get paid.


~ who is Mr stingy ?

Mr stingy is is a character that I decided to go with since I don’t like to spend money on things that don’t add value to me

~ what is Mr stingy channel about ?

The channel is about ways one can make money either online or offline. I will be providing ideas and ways one can generate passive income from their side hustle.

~ are you stingy in person ?

Well I’m not stingy I just love to invest money and think of how I can make even more money

~ how old are you Mr stingy ?

I’m 21 years ; )

*I will provide my social media links soon*

My channel is about ways people can generate passive income from the side hustle ideas that I will be giving out and teaching people how they can invest and tips on how to make money. Let’s try to be a little bit stingy and make money












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