How Much Money Does YouTube Pay Per 1000 Views in 2020?

How much money can you make on YouTube in 2020? See my real-world YouTube earnings results from my channels that have just over 10,000 subscribers each. Also, find out how the YouTube payment system works and what exactly CPM and RPM mean.

When I tell people I am a YouTuber, the first question they usually ask is how much do YouTubers make and what does YouTube pay? Although the number of subscribers you have is one of the most important factors, the amount of money you can earn from YouTube is also highly dependant on the topic each video is about.

YouTube earnings are explained in terms of CPM or RPM – they are quite similar but there is a distinct difference. CPM refers to the revenue that YouTube makes per 1,000 views, RPM refers to the revenue that YouTube creators make per 1,000. YouTube currently takes 45% of all earnings, so if the CPM is $100 then the creators will receive $55.

You do not need millions of subscribers to make reasonable money from YouTube providing you choose a niche with a high CPM.

I would love to hear how much money you make from YouTube, let me know in the comments along with how many subscribers you have! .

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