How Passive is Passive Income? A Review of 5 Passive Income Streams

Creating passive income is the holy grail of personal finance. The possibilities you can imagine for yourself and your household are limitless if you can create an income stream that continues day and night, month in and month out, regardless of the effort (or lack thereof) you continue to put into it.

That probably explains why some many people fall for get-rich-quick schemes. They often confuse possessing money with generating money. Until you build a system to generate money without your direct efforts (e.g. employment, regularly managing a business, etc.), you won’t know true financial freedom.

In this video, Money Fit’s education manager Todd Christensen reviews five potential income streams many people think of when they hear the term, Passive Income.

🕒 Timestamps 🕒

0:00 Intro

0:38 Defining Passive Income

1:40 Passive Income Review #1: Multi-level Marketing

4:26 Passive Income Review #2: Home-based Sales

5:49 Passive Income Review #3: Business Investment

7:37 Passive Income Review #4: Real Estate Rentals

10:21 Passive Income Review #5: Securities (stocks)

12:28 Additional Resources

13:38 Outro

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