How To Be A Better Putter - So You Can Save More Money

How To Be A Better Putter – So You Can Save More Money

Today I am going to tell you how you can be a better putter. And, you may be asking how is that going to save me money right?

Well, if you are a better putter, you won’t lose as many bets with your golfing buddies and you will be less likely to want to go out and buy a new one every year or every few months. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Okay, so how do you become a better putter? As with most things in life, it’s really quite simple, it won’t take a lot of your time and I can virtually guarantee if you do this, you will be a better putter.

So, let’s get on with it already. Okay, let me paint a picture of what probably happens to you with your game and how this little technique will make a difference for you. So, if you are a mid to high handicapper, you usually don’t hit that many greens in regulation and often times when you do, you are a long way from the pin, am I right? So, that puts a fair amount of pressure on your putter and you have to avoid the three putts at all costs to lower your score and avoid shooting in the 90’s.

This technique is very simple and makes a lot of sense. Take 5 golf balls and go to a putting green. Instead of putting from long distances and trying to get the ball close, take the 5 balls and drop them about 5 feet from the hole. Now, practice putting the 5 balls from 5 feet and do this from every angle around the hole. To maximize your results, you should do this 20 times in a practice session so you practice 100 putts. Keep track of how many times you make a putt with the 5 balls and obviously try to make as many as you can within the 100 putts. Take a piece of paper with you and simply keep track of how many you make.

Now you are probably wondering how does this really help me right? Think about it. How many of your three putts come from within 5 feet or so? I would be willing to bet, most of them. So, what you have done is essentially extended the range of your putting ability by practicing 100 five foot putts and gained more confidence. So now instead of feeling pressure when you walk on the green to get it so close you have a “gimme” you will feel more confident that even if you leave it 5 feet short or 5 feet long, you know you can make the next putt because you have practiced that putt over and over. Obviously, the more you do this drill, the more you track your results, the more you will improve.

So now when you walk on to a green, you aren’t thinking about I have to get this close so I don’t three putt, you are now walking on to the green saying I can knock this within 5 feet of the hole and still walk away with a 2 putt and worse case scenario a bogey. Do this 5 to 7 times in a round and now you are in the mid 80’s pretty easily.

So there you have it. You can now be confident you will be shooting better scores in a matter of days if you do this simple drill. It shouldn’t take more than 30 to 45 minutes each time you do it. In fact, I would suggest doing this drill instead of hitting balls on the range. I mean really, does your swing change that much? No, you are hitting the ball about the same distance, the same direction you always have. Go to the putting green and save your strokes there, plus you will be less tired when you get home.

I hope you have found this information to be a way for you to improve your game and help you have more fun or even win more money if that is what you want to do.

I look forward to sending you more information to help you in your quest to be the best golfer you can be.

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