How To Use Google Ads To MAKE MONEY With Shopify Dropshipping 2021

How To Use Google Ads To MAKE MONEY With Shopify Dropshipping 2021

How I Made $100K With SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING Google Ads For Beginners

If you have ever wondered if you can make money using Google ads with your Shopify Dropshipping Store, then this video will be a great introduction for you and give you an insight into how I use Google ads to make sales every single day from my Shopify Dropshipping Businesses. Once you build your Shopify Dropshipping Store, the most important thing is driving traffic to your Shopify store, this can be done by either using Facebook ads or TikTok ads, but I prefer using Google ads, as I have seen a lot of success in the past couple years with it.

In this video I explain the difference between Google Shopping ads and Search ads. I have personally used both to drive traffic to my Shopify websites. I will also explain exactly what a Google merchant centre is and how you can connect it to you Shopify store using the best App on the Shopify app store. Finally I will show you how I manage my Google campaigns and how I set up a Google ad campaign.


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0:00 – Intro

0:40 – Different Types Of Google Ads

1:20 – What are Google Shopping Ads?

2:27 – What are Google Search Ads?

3:46 – What are Google Merchant Centres?

5:30 – Avoid Merchant Account Getting Blocked

6:13 – Which App do you need to download

7:01 – How to manage your google ads Campaigns?

8:23 – Final Words Of Advice






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