Influencer Marketing Strategies & Tactics For B2B Brands

Influencer marketing isn’t limited to just Instagram and brands that sell charcoal masks, skinny teas and t-shirts.

Influencer marketing can be a B2B marketing strategy that helps organizations generate leads, establish authority and enhance their relationships with partners and clients. One of the most important elements of influencer marketing is identifying opportunities that will give you the chance to benefit long term from the various influencer initiatives.

The following is a breakdown of some of the influencer marketing techniques that have been known to work well in B2B:

1) Webinar marketing

2) Guest blogging

3) Joint research piece

4) Co-published white paper

5) And much more…

In this video, I break down a wide range of B2B Influencer techniques along with a few others that are sure to help any B2B brand drive meaningful and measurable results. Let’s get to it! .


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