Interview a Big Name and Prosper

Interview a Big Name and Prosper

If you had the opportunity to conduct an audio interview with the biggest name in your field, would you do it?

I know I would.

That’s because I know that there is enormous leverage to be gained from interviewing someone bigger than Ben Hur.

I mean, imagine if you were able to score an interview with President Obama right now. What could you do with that interview?

You could take that interview and post it on YouTube, FaceBook, announce it on Twitter, and you could put it as a podcast up on iTunes.

In each case, your name and website could “tag along” in the sense that if people want to hear more of the interview they would have to come to your website. You’d probably find lots of blogs linking to your site which in turn would bring in more traffic.

And because of all the links, the search engines would be drawn to your site, which continues the cycle. And once people came to your site, perhaps they might find some other products that interest them.And they might become customers.

You see, the goal of your website if it’s a business should be to educate and to provide incredible value.


It also should be to sell. After all, you’re running a business. In my case, I have a team of virtual assistants who I have to pay. They do the transcribing and editing and so forth.

If nobody purchases my stuff, the whole system grinds to halt.

So if you have the opportunity to go after a big fish, I’d recommend you do so with gusto. Then promote across a range of sites. And watch the traffic flow in. 

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