Linkedin Ads & Marketing is explained in Tamil. Linkedin marketing is inevitable for both B2B & B2C companies as it brings quality leads to the table.

Linkedin ads format is four types as follows:

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Sponsored Inmail

Dynamic Ads

Text Ads

Linkedin ads offer various targeting options for the advertisers as follows:

Brand awareness – It helps in gaining visibility for your brand in the market. It is a suitable objective for the company which aims in generating impressions.

Website visits – When the aim is to generate the traffic to the website then this is the befitting option.

Engagement – If the plan is to increase the Linkedin Page followers and receiving the engagement for the Ads posted then this objective is suited for it.

Video Views – Gain more video views with this option.

Lead Generation – Capture leads using a native form that is pre-filled with a user’s LinkedIn profile information.

Website conversions – If the aim is to make the users register themselves on the website (or) watch the video on the website means then this is the ideal objective.

Job applicants – This campaign will help to drive the clicks for your job posts

The Linkedin page is important to keep engaging with the customers and for your Ads campaign.

Watch the video to set up your first LinkedIn Ads campaign & generate quality leads (or) traffic. .


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