LinkedIn is a social media network that is built for professionals like job seekers, business owners, professionals who are marketing their skills or business online.

Facebook on the other hand is one of the top popular social media platforms not only for business but more so for personal branding.

Twitter is a great platform for broadcasting interesting snippets on topics or news that anyone can see. It allows only 280 characters as tweets.

This is how the three platforms are different from each other. Coming back to Linkedin. Linkedin has several uses, primary being broadening professional contacts.

Take a look at the video to know more.

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00:00 Introduction

00:02 What is LinkedIn?

02:47 LinkedIn Vs Facebook & Twitter

07:11 What can you use LinkedIn for?

09:39 How to create your LinkedIn Profile

12:08 What to use in your LinkedIn Photos

14:58 Writing a great headline for your profile

18:04 Crafting your professional summary

20:55 Setup your custom LinkedIn profile URL

22:34 Getting recommendations on LinkedIn

25:29 Selecting the right background picture

27:12 Making it easier for people to reach out to you

29:24 Crafting your professional story

31:18 Engaging & Connecting with leaders in your niche

33:40 Joining & communication in groups

36:06 Building connections by engaging on people’s posts

37:37 Asking for introductions & leads

41:20 Your LinkedIn Feed

44:30 What is LinkedIn Pulse?

47:23 Creating content on LinkedIn

49:16 Using videos to grow your personal brand?

51:32 How to craft content for LinkedIn Pulse

54:37 Writing effective and engaging articles

56:59 Setting up a LinkedIn Page

1:01:53 LinkedIn page posting strategy

1:04:59 How to set up a LinkedIn group?

1:07:34 How to grow your LinkedIn group?

1:09:59 How to manage your LinkedIn group?

1:12:19 Keeping your LinkedIn group active and engaging

1:14:42 How to get people to post in your group

1:17:14 Finding your ideal contacts on LinkedIn

1:20:13 Sending a good connect request

1:23:59 Downloading your LinkedIn contacts

1:26:17 How to find email addresses of your leads

1:28:27 Correctly reaching out to a contact through messages

1:32:41 How to schedule appointments through LinkedIn

1:35:47 Following up correctly

1:40:15 LinkedIn Advertising overview .


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