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Can I really earn money through Youtube? 👀

Have you ever asked yourself this question? After all, there are so many content creators on the platform that seem to be making a livelihood through video content creation.

But, here’s the real problem – most people think that the only way to earn money is through Youtube views. Which is WRONG ❌

There are so many ways to earn money through the platform like 🔥 Maintaining a niche channel that produces niche content 🔥 Creating multiple revenue streams through one channel 🔥 Creating content for other companies + much more!

But, don’t listen to just us, hear it from a Youtube expert.

Meet Mantha Abeysiriwardana 👋

You might recognise him from his YouTube name, Maniya.

He’s one of Sri Lanka’s most popular Youtubers with over 320,000 subscribers. He’s a digital marketer by profession who’s won the ‘Most popular upcoming Youtube channel award’ from the Raigam social media awards 🙌🏽

Today, Maniya is going to teach you about several different ways you can start earning money from YouTube 🥳

Are you ready to start learning? Click on the video below!


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