marketing strategies 101, understanding marketing strategies basics and best practices

marketing strategies 101, understanding marketing strategies basics and best practices. strategies are the big-picture insights that guide your marketing activity and make sure all its elements add up to success. a good strategy gives a special kind of high-level direction and purpose to all you do. take your focus to an even higher level, by centering your marketing on a single, core strategy that gives you an overarching goal. with a core marketing strategy, your marketing begins to fall into place naturally. a market segmentation strategy is a specialization strategy in which you target and cater to (specialize in) just one narrow type or group of customers. if you’re in the consulting business, you can specialize in for-profit businesses or not-for-profit businesses.

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a positioning strategy takes a psychological approach to marketing. this strategy focuses on getting customers or prospects to see your product in a favorable light. the positioning goal you articulate for this kind of strategy is the position your product holds in the customer’s mind.

time stamps

marketing strategies overview 00:06

market segmentation strategy 02:00

positioning strategy 04:39

writing a marketing plan 10:22

executive summary 19:15

objectives 21:19

situation analysis 23:28

marketing management 26:32

multiple scenario forecasts 31:33 .


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