Marketing strategy: Monitoring and controlling marketing plan.

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Global Marketing Paperback – by Svend Hollensen

Principles of Marketing, Global Edition Paperback – by Philip T. Kotler and Gary Armstrong

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Course Summary:

This marketing course is intended for those interested in a career in marketing either in a commercial or industrial company or in a non-profit organisation (such as a charity, trade association or government department) that undertakes marketing on an extensive scale. It is also aimed at those working or seeking to work in the associated organisations such as public relations consultancies, sales promotion companies and direct response marketing agencies.

Main Topics Include:

1- Marketing Organisation

The marketing department: structure: authority and responsibilities.

2- Specialised Marketing

Industrial, business-to-business, export, international, global and corporate marketing.

3- The Role of Marketing

Monitoring of external forces,

Auditing as a part of marketing planning

The creation of an internal plan

Analysis of business activities (SWOT)


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