Money Makeover#3 3 tips to make money today

Money Makeover#3 3 tips to make money today

This video is about how to quickly make money with minimum effort. To turn your money crisis around in a short time. Watch this video if you want to kickstart your journey to financial freedom. It shows that you can start where you are. The 1st step is to see if you can sell unwanted items to make quick cash, declutter your home while you are at it. This step does not have to stop. This was my 1st step in my personal money makeover story. Being financially independent, finding financial peace does require some sacrifice especially at the beginning of a money management plan. I love this step because everyone has too much stuff. Everyone can take hold of their own personal financial plan. You can take this step further by buying and selling through online platforms like eBay.

The second step is to see if you have things that you use but not all the time and perhaps you can use it to bring in cash. It could be your car when you are not using it, your home as an Airbnb, or even smaller appliances. I rented my room for a very good sum and this made it possible for me to accomplish Dave Ramsey’s baby step 1, establish an emergency fund, and kick start my debt-free journey.

Step 3 is to ask for a raise from your company. This is my favorite of the 3 steps. This was challenging but gave me the greatest opportunity for personal growth. Never just ask for a raise, demonstrate why you should be given a raise. Make it an “impossible to refuse” negotiation.

Managing to save my company at the time so much money was one of my best employment moments. Look for a win-win situation.

The 3 steps combined gave me a start toward good financial stewardship. It is too good not to share.

I do hope this helps you as it did me. Please do share your experience in the comment section below.

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