Roller Blinds - How to Manually Seal a Fraying Edge

Roller Blinds – How to Manually Seal a Fraying Edge

Roller blinds are very popular as a window covering. They come with many different finishes and styles, and are available in literally hundreds of fabrics covering a full spectrum of colour, texture and design. They can be bought made to measure or in readymade blind sizes and even cut down to fit a specific window size. But one problem that roller blinds can have over time is fraying, usually due to repeated use. Because these can be delicate and hard to handle, they require special care when you want to repair and limit the damage. Here’s how to manually seal a fraying side of a roller blind if the blinds are out of guarantee.

The first thing to do when trying to repair this is to not go about it while the roller blind is still attached to the window. Instead, remove the roller shade from its support, and lay it down on the ground. The best idea here is to put it on top of old newspapers or another smooth surface. Make sure not to entangle the cords or damage them somehow. Because these items can be fragile when taken out of their set installation, you need to be careful when handling them paying special attention not to soil the fabric. If you have rubber gloves, it’s a good idea to use them, or at least be delicate with each blind. The first step is to carefully remove any pieces of fabric which have already frayed from the weave using sharp scissors, being careful not to remove too much. Next, you’ll need a glue solution called fray stop, something you can get in any good haberdashery shop or is widely available online. Simply squeeze the container to gently get some sealer out, and apply the substance on the frayed side of the roller shade, using a fine tip, usually included with the solution. Here, you can seal only the obviously frayed areas, or you can decide to seal the whole roller shade, to prevent any future problem.

You can use cotton swabs or a towel to clean up the result, and make sure no glue is left exposed. The solution will usually go on white and dry clear. It is bets to consult the instructions on your fray stop solution for how long to leave the blinds to dry, however if in doubt you can leave it overnight. Then, before putting the blinds back into place, you should wait for the process to dry out completely. This can take several hours. In the end, fray stop can help keep your blinds nice and clean for years to come, and extend the life of your product. Because it helps not only existing problems, but also keep the blind safer from future issues, it’s a great solution.

Overall, it’s fairly simple to manually seal a fraying side of a roller blind by using a fray stop solution, and it’s something that can not only solve a problem, but enhance the quality of your blinds. There’s no need to pay a professional to do it, all you need is the right steps, and some careful handling. Then, you can do it all yourself, save money, and extend the life of your blinds even further.

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