Kids Search Engines

The web engines underneath are intended first and foremost to cater to the requirements of children, either in center, or by sorting out sites that some parents and teachers might think unsuitable for kids. These frequently comprise of sites that deal with open sexual matters, porn sites, brutality, abhorrence speech, betting and drug use.

Foremost Children’s Guides & Directories

The children-safe directories below use human beings to sort out the sites that may be considered obnoxious for screening by children.

Ask Jeeves For Kids

Ask Jeeves is an exceptional service where you penetrate a question, and Ask Jeeves makes an effort to point you to the accurate web page that offers an answer. At Ask Jeeves For Kids, replies have been inspected for correctness. Also, if Ask Jeeves is unable to answer a query, it pulls results from a variety of search engines in its met crawler mode. At Ask Jeeves For Kids, no site that is on the Cyber Patrol obstructive list is to be listed.

Looksmart’s Kids Directory

The Kids index is a list of over 20,000 kid affable websites that were specially selected by employees of Looksmart additional Net Nanny and scrutinized for quality. Looksmart also provides a safe search of the complete web, by means of Net Nanny Software to sort out Wisenut search results, along with a free toolbar that uses the similar service.


Yahoo for kids, intended for ages 7 to 12. spots are specially selected to be appropriate for children. Also, not like normal Yahoo, searches will not get back matched found by crawling the web, if there is no match from inside the Yahooligan program. This avoids perhaps unpleasant sites from sliding onto the screen. In addition, adult-sloping banner advertising will not come into view within the service. Yahooligans is the perhaps the very old and a very important directory for children, started on in March 1996.

Filtering alternatives

The majority of the main search engines get their listings by swarming the web, rather than throughout human evaluation and categorization, as with the sites listed above. This means it is convenient for possibly unpleasant material to emerge in search results.

As an answer, nearly all chief search engines provide some kind of filtering ability. It is supposed to keep out porn content and other substance that a good number might not like children to bump into.

Some subject does get past them, and some secure material may get filtered out.

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