In this episode, I am talking about online marketing strategies for small businesses. Tips, tricks and information on how to grow a small business in the modern online world.

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Online marketing strategy comes down to what your goals are. Do you want to build a brand, simply create conversions, capture an audience?

Once you understand what you are looking to do, then you can start taking the steps to get there.

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Some chapters to help you navigate this video:

0:00 Online Strategies that work for Small Businesses

1:01 Every single startup needs a website and google maps location

1:57 Do you need to be on social media from day one?

3:07 Have a CRM setup to capture additional value

4:07 Setup email and text marketing and why they matter so much

5:15 What is the content map and why it matters for your online marketing resources

6:50 Create and Correct! What do I even mean?

8:05 The number 1 way to convert customers for small businesses

9:25 Appear 3 times on all search results and get chosen by new customers

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