The Money Door

The Money Door

One night I decided to finally go through the Money Door and what you are reading right now is in response to that action. The Money Door opened me up to possibilities I never knew existed. Only when I took that step over that threshold did I dare to dream of a life of financial serenity.

I was at a workshop with one of my mentors, Dr. Skip Downing, author of On Course, a book I use to teach College Student Success at our local community college. We were eating our salads, and I was expounding on the brilliance of his book, his creation. I asked him what prompted him to write this wonderful tool, and he told me a brief story that opened up a new dimension to me. What it boiled down to was that he had always believed that he could either make a difference and do some good in this world (like teaching) or he could have money (like CEO’s). He did not really believe that one could have both. I was sitting there, a broke teacher of over 26 years, and something profoundly resonated in me. That was the way I felt. I had decided that my life was meant to be lived in a sacrificial, almost suffering type way to avoid appearing greedy or uncaring and ultimately, wealthy. In short, I believed that the ‘m’ word was not for me; my purpose on this earth was a much higher purpose. Now someone who I admired and I knew was probably able to pay his bills with ease was echoing the words I had said to myself for years, the script that even my parents had possibly instilled in me.

That evening, Skip Downing invited us to an evening session that involved relaxation and exploration of our inner selves and our inner desires. When we were in a relaxed state, he had us stand before a building in our mind’s eye. My building looked like a log cabin, a quite familiar one actually, that I recognized as living in the wishful part of my mind, that place where I kept those desires that I believed could never be a possibility in my life. As Skip instructed us to go into the building, he suggested there were many doors in front of us. He began to list the words over the doors: Emotions, Family, Work, Spirituality, and so on until he uttered that dreaded word, Money. I looked at that door with a huge sign over it that said “Money” and debated with myself about entering that door. I felt that it was more noble and worthy to enter a door that seemed to have more important things I needed to work on, like spirituality. I mean, even though I am a very spiritual person, one can’t be spiritual enough and that would be the place I might feel was serious enough to explore. But as I paused and pondered, I bravely decided to enter the Money Door. I felt greedy. I felt selfish. I felt shallow. I was genuinely afraid that I couldn’t be the person God wanted me to be if I sought money through that closed door.

Skip directed us to look carefully at this room we had just entered and, just as I expected, the Money Room was a horrible mess. It was clearly a neglected room, one which had not been entered in a very long time, if ever. I love light, and it was depressingly dark. I love space, and it was tiny, I imagine like my bank account. I love beauty and in its cramped darkness was only ugliness. Nowhere I looked did I see anything pleasant and calming. I thought to myself, “So this was the room I reserved for money”.

A guide came to me. I was shocked to see that it was Jesus. Now, why, I wondered, would Jesus, who was so non-materialistic and so obviously not fond of the rich, dare to come to me in the Money Room. But there He was and He didn’t seem angry at all or even uncomfortable to be there with me.

I asked Him the question Skip prompted: What would a person believe who lived in this room? What wisdom can you give me about this room? Jesus’ reply was clear. “It is not a bad thing to desire money.”

What? Jesus didn’t think I was so sinful by desiring the money to pay for the things I needed in my life?

After a short break, Skip directed us once again through a relaxed state to enter the building and the Money Room. Let me tell you this; I went right in this time. If Jesus could, I could. On Skip’s suggestion, I redecorated that room. I put in sky lights and huge windows facing a southern sun. After pushing the walls out several feet on each end of the room, I added a stone fireplace with a blazing fire, a plush deep Oriental rug of wines and golds and blues atop gleaming wood floors. I installed a bookshelf full of books, upholstered cushions on comfortable furniture, a spring bouquet of flowers in an antique vase of my Great Aunt Violas, and even a purring cat sleeping by the fire. The room shone. The room felt warm. The room was inviting, and when I had it ready, I invited Jesus back in to see the new Money Room.

I asked him again for His infinite wisdom as I showed him around my Money Room. This time He responded: “Whatever you can visualize, you can have.”

I looked around, just noticing the transformation I had made in what was once a cold, cramped, shabby room. Now the room was, well, rich. And I had visualized the entire redecorating and created of it myself.

When the group came back together, we whispered our guide’s wisdom and affirmations to each other. As hands were placed tenderly but firmly on my waiting shoulders and my name was whispered in my waiting ear, I breathed in the wisdom of all of the guides from all of the different rooms that had been entered. I felt healed and renewed and loved and changed by the whispers of encouragement, wisdom, and guidance. I whispered my wisdom to them, “Whatever you can visualize, you can have.”

After the affirmations, we were invited to share with the group our experience. No way was I going to admit to going into the Money Room when others were tearfully or joyfully sharing what was discovered and acquired behind the Spirituality Room or the Health Room or the Family Room. Yep, others had entered where people truly concerned about those things that are most important in life knew to go.

Then I felt something urging me to share my experience and to my shock I was speaking in a slow, precise way admitting to my colleagues and new friends that I had gone through the Money Door. I felt like by sharing it I could somehow make it okay; I even embellished it a little, trying to explain why I felt I needed more money in my life due to elderly parents and kids in college. I almost whispered as I revealed that my guide was Jesus and how I knew He had much more important things to do with His time than go in the Money Door with selfish me. But as I talked, I saw many nodding and smiling at me. Had they also gone through the Money Door? Did they understand the need I had to confront the issue of money in my life? They didn’t seem repelled or appalled.

And there is a rest of the story. From my visualization of what a healthy, happy Money Room could look like, I discovered what most of the participants knew. Money is important in our lives. It is necessary in our lives. It is stressful if we don’t have it, and we can have life more abundantly if we don’t have to worry about. Stories were shared of similar feelings and the miracle of acquiring the money needed at just the right time. A devotion book I turned to later in the evening on the exact date revealed that God wants us, even me, to have financial serenity, not fear and lack, limit and inadequacy.

I walked out of that place that night with a changed attitude about money. Like Alice going through the hole, I had seen some strange things but learned an important lesson about money and visualization.

As I write this I am looking at my cut and paste visualization of what I want in my life. While the things I desire are not extravagant or costly, they are spacious and beautiful. They are things that money can buy, and they help to create the life I want to live. In this visualization I see myself writing the book I have always desired to write, offering assistance and training to millions of women who want to visualize and have the life their heart desires. I see a smiling family, my two daughters, Heather and Meghan, and my husband, Dan. I see a simple but elegant log home on acres of land, sunlight gleaming on the oak flooring. I even see that purring cat. And I know that whatever I can visualize, I can have.

Bravely and joyfully walk with me through the Life Door and begin your amazing journey. Renew a right spirit in yourself that was placed in you at the moment of your birth. Rekindle the joy and satisfaction of a life lived with purpose and intent and abundance. As a result, your life will become aligned with the universe which stands ready to give you the desires of your heart.

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