Ultimate Content Marketing Plan (How To Guide + Strategy Template)

Craft the perfect Content Marketing plan to generate more leads for your business. Content Marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep the traffic coming as ad costs just keep going up. Copy-Paste this proven template that works with any budget.


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Table of Contents:

0:00 – Intro

0:24 – Medium

1:35 – Research

6:08 – Copy

7:22 – Produce

11:34 – Optimize

12:46 – Promote

17:10 – Outro

Ultimate Content Marketing Plan Strategy Template (How To Guide)

Content Marketing Plan Template: How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation

Discover the secrets behind building a powerful content marketing machine that consistently brings you new customers with no advertising. You don’t need to have a big budget to become a content marketing master in your niche.

With this content marketing plan template, you’ll have everything you need to build your own system for creating great content for your online business.

This is a complete guide to developing and writing a content marketing strategy from beginning to end – including a free template!

As an entrepreneur, you want to have a successful content marketing funnel that moves people from awareness of your product to satisfied customer of your business.

Knowing what kind of content to create is essential for your online business. You should know how to measure ROI and the best sales funnel software that will help you optimize your content for all stages of the content marketing funnel. We’ll actually show you how to document your content marketing strategy. And we’ll even give the template you’ll need to get it done.

Content marketing is one of the only strategies that can be setup to generate leads and sales for your business on autopilot. You can use this strategy and included template to craft your own content marketing sales funnel machine.

To start your content marketing strategy, you should have a clear knowledge of the underlying value prospects and customers are looking for. Content marketing should be a process of developing high-quality, valuable content to educate and engage a persona audience that represents a potential prospect. Promoting your brand comes last, if at all.

This content marketing approach means promoting valuable free content to attract and convert strangers into audience members. Then convert audience members into prospects. Prospects into customers, and finally customers into repeat buyers.

Now when it comes to building an audience, one of the most common content marketing mistakes is going too broad. That’s why I also included a content creation checklist will help you that will help you hone your strategy and make into reality your content ideas!

Content marketing is one of the only strategies that can be setup to generate leads and sales for your business on autopilot. You can use this strategy and included template to craft your own content marketing sales funnel machine.

I hope that you learn a lot from content marketing plan template video so you can generate more leads and sales for your online business. Make sure to check out my complete content marketing plan template to help you get started.


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