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Many people want to increase their sales and use the right marketing tools and channels. But the landscape in advertising, marketing and viewer’s behaviour is rapidly changing. Traditional TV advertisements work less and less as the young generation is not watching TV. But this is actually not quite true.

Young people watch the TV of the new digital era. It is called YouTube. And though it has something to do with traditional TV it is also vastly different. Youtube has 5 million channels not just 100. But basically, the principle is the same, namely – people watch videos and this is becoming the main way they interact with Internet.

However, not many companies use video to its fullest potential. Many firms create just one very expensive corporate video and put it on their website. Nowadays one should be much more flexible and use video as a way to communicate to their customers and partners.

How to make engaging videos for social media?

When you create videos for social media – especially for different social networks – there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. There is various software one can use. The important thing when making a video is to keep it simple. Try to tell your brand story or your what is the value of your product in a succinct way. Don’t put too much text in the video. If you use the video for Facebook, make it not longer than 30 or 40 seconds and use captions. Don’t forget to add call to action.

If you plan to post your video on YouTube you can make it longer. The length depends mainly on the message you want to deliver. If the video is promotional don’t make it longer than one or two minutes. Here it is better to use voice over. Or you can use a combination of voice over and captions. If you need the help of professionals with your videos, you can contact a digital agency.

The videos that we produce are at affordable price and we can put your YouTube channel on steroids, meaning that you will get views and likes on your videos and also high rankings in google.

What Are the Most Successful Marketing Strategies for Startups – what are the most successful marketing strategies for startups?

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