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DASH Price Analysis: DASH Coin Price Is Currently Facing A Hostility Near 100DMA

DASH coin price upside trend is seeing a downside trend and can soon see a reversal in the future. It has seen a loss of more than 2.5% in the past 24 hours

Technical indicators of DASH hints towards an upside trend for the asset price. Meanwhile, DASH/BTC pair is down by more than 2.21%

DASH coin cost is at present seeing a low potential gain drift and can before long see a solid bull pattern in the future. DASH cost price has seen a loss of more than 1.94% in the past 24 hours and is trading near the value of $192. The resource has an ROI of over 91000% and can see more upside gain in the future. The bullish force of DASH can observe a hostility near $250. The support in the asset can be seen near $150. The coin cost is currently below the 50 and 100 Daily Moving Average. The 50MA line is close to the degree of $210, making it a transitory help locale of the asset price. If the asset price sees a negative crossover then a strong downside momentum can be seen. One can conjecture a solid upside gain in the asset in the future.

DASH coin CMC positioning alongside the market cap is seeing a solid recuperation and can see a strong trend. The volume of the coin is presently stale and can soon see a strong surge. The resource needs to cover over 70% to see a new high. The volume to market capitalization proportion of the DASH suggests a strong upside trend for the future

DASH Coin Price Is Ready To See A Strong Momentum

The weekly technical chart of DASH hints towards a strong upside momentum for the future. The price of the asset is up by more than 2% in the weekly chart. On the daily chart, the coin price is ready for a new high in the future. If the coin price jumps above $250 then a strong bullish trend can be seen. DASH/BTC pair can also observe a new high in the future.

DASH coin price is currently observing a strong consolidation and can soon see a new high. DASH/BTC pair is also ready for strong upside momentum.


Major Resistance:$300

Major Support:$200 .

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