Seemingly strong and white teeth may actually not be as healthy, as they appear to be. Many dentists explain that there are a number of dental problems that develop inside the oral cavity without patients’ even noticing them, till they start to trigger pain. Hence, indicating that the problem has progressed to the next stage.

Dental Infections

Dental infections are almost always overlooked by patients’ and even by some dentists. Mainly because their diagnosis can only be conducted through highly sensitive equipment and they cannot be treated through regular antibiotics. Patients have to be treated very carefully so that the bacteria present in the mouth are completely expelled and their re-occurrence is prevented.

Why do Infections happen?

Infections are primarily caused by the growth of bacteria in the mouth. But there are particular sites that are more prone to be attacked by bacteria that people should focus on keeping clean. These include – teeth with small cracks, or the minor gaps between teeth, old root canal filled teeth, teeth with old fillings and those with cavities.

These are the areas where bacteria will find a space to reside in; feeding on the carbohydrates that you intake and in return releasing toxic substances that silently damage and eat away a tooth’s structure.

Why is this a serious Problem?

Dental infections are a serious problem because the bacteria present in the mouth can trigger many other problems as well; harming the health of the whole body.

In theory, the bacterium that causes infections in the mouth can easily be given a chance to grow, owing to a lack of dental hygiene and their consumption on the food particles that we consume. Now these bacteria will not only damage the teeth, but can also gain access to the bloodstream in the mouth and hence spread all across the body.

Once in the bloodstream they can reach different parts of the body and cause different diseases and illnesses to varying degrees like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, heart problems, infections and respiratory problems.

Symptoms to Lookout For

In case that you are worried about contracting a dental infection in the future, or already believe to have caught one. Then lookout for these symptoms that could confirm the possibility:

• Tooth ache

• Swelling

• Increased Sensitivity

• Fatigue

But the problem with dental infections is that they are easily overlooked because they pose very minimal and sometimes no symptoms at all, so can easily lie hidden in the mouth. So, the best way you can prevent their occurrence is by visiting your dentist every 6 months and following dental health-care measures regularly.

What are the Basic Dental Health-Care Measures?

Dental health care means to lookout after your teeth properly throughout the day to prevent cavities, tooth decay, infections, gum diseases and other serious illnesses from occurring. And this is relatively easy, just some simple measures that you need to incorporate into your daily lifestyle:

Step 1: Brush at least twice a day

Step 2: Use dental floss

Step 3: Use an anti-bacterial mouth-wash

Step 4: Watch your sugar and carbohydrate intake, especially at night because this is what bacteria feeds on

Step 5: Visit your dentist regularly!

These simple 5 steps will assure that your mouth is safe against all types of bacteria and infections.

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