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Looking for search marketing methods for traffic building? In this quick search engine marketing tutorial, you’re going to learn how to create an effective search marketing campaign for your business.

There are over 100 billion searches per month on Google. People are looking for your branded search terms, they are looking for problems you solve, they are looking at your competitors. So you have a huge opportunity to drive quality traffic to your website, generate leads, and close sales.

If you’re not doing paid search marketing yet, this is a great place for you to start. Here’s exactly how SEM works in digital marketing, step-by-step.

►Keyword research. Every campaign on every search engine starts with keyword research. You want to know the search volume on a keyword you’re going for, its competitiveness, and who else might be bidding on it.

►Ad creation. Once you are absolutely clear on your keywords, you need an outstanding ad copy. It can be in a form of text, images, or video. The choice will depend on what type of ad campaign you’re going to run.

►Landing page development. Your landing page is very important as this is where you are going to send your traffic. Figure out what people will see once they get on your site and make sure everything looks good.

►Account setup. It is a technical part of your campaign that needs to be handled by someone who knows the process from within – typically, a PPC manager.

►Tracking installations. If someone converts on your page, you want to know about it. That’s why you need this step. And it also needs to be handled by someone who has specific technical knowledge.

►Campaign launch. Once you checked all the boxes, it’s time to activate the campaign.

►Monitor performance/ Ongoing optimization. Finally, when the campaign is up and running, you want to know if it brings any results, and make improvements whenever necessary.

And that’s it.

Everybody needs to grow, and search marketing is one of the basic components of a paid media campaign. If you are in a highly competitive place, you’ve got to do it.

It’s simple if you can organize the campaign and develop a strategy. Use this process as a guide. And if you want to hire an agency to do it for you, make sure you ask them how they are going to make it work.

I hope this video was useful. If you have more questions about the importance of search engine marketing or want to know more about bidding and ranking for search ads, don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks for watching and I will see you next time.

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