One of the number one requests I get is for email drip campaign templates.

Today, I want to show you what goes into creating a highly profitable drip email campaign.

With this how-to guide and video on writing drip emails, you’ll be able to generate sales leads and revenue out of ANY list of potential customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re using consumer data, aged leads, dead leads in your CRM, real-time internet leads, or referrals. These techniques will help your emails get opened at a higher rate and convert into more requests for your product and services.

In this video, I cover the following:

How to mentally prepare to write effective emails for your drip campaign

Best practices for writing emails that convert into leads and sales

I sit down at my computer, share my screen, and talk through writing emails for a new insurance email drip campaign for aged leads.

Here are a few of the key points that you should remember any time you’re writing an email to a customer, whether one-off or in a drip campaign.

It’s always more than one email

Act like a normal person

Be clear about why you are contacting them

Don’t rush the ask, but don’t waste their time

Talk about ideas, not features and benefits

Start with the customer’s problems

Always have a single, strong call to action

Signature – critical!

P.S., final hook

Let me help you…

In the comment section, do one or both of these exercises:

Post one of your subject lines you would like to try in your next email. I’ll comment back on each one and give you my best advice.

Tell me where you’re stuck or what is keeping you from launching your first email drip campaign. I’ll respond to each comment and give you my best advice for getting you unstuck. .


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