We equip your business with seamless Short Message Service (SMS) communication to boost your marketing strategies and customer helpdesk.

Send advertisements, promotions, and service information to your target audience with ease.

Compared to emails, text messages have higher open rates. As such, when you opt to send information via text and in bulk, there is a higher chance that your messages will get through your intended recipients.

Our Bulk SMS Service is complete with cost-effective features that adapt to varying client demands:

– Flexible API connectivity

– Detailed history page for outbound messages

– Aggregator, service and subscriber pages are designed separately

– Simultaneous management and monitoring of all messaging activities

– Statistical reports for reviewing and filtering outbound messages

– Unique tracking system for messages

We understand your need to maximize manpower and invest in effective communication channels.

Our Bulk SMS Service effectively boosts your existing mobile marketing campaigns and audience reach strategies so your business can operate at optimum level.

Try our Bulk SMS Service today!

Visit our website now: https://newmediaservices.com.au/bulk-sms-services/ .







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