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Hey kids!!! On Weekend Wankshop 148, Uncle Ben here is gonna teach you all some really important pull-off strategies… if you understand the concepts in this lick, you’ll be blazing in NO TIME! A lot of the master shredders of all time don’t ALWAYS alternate pick EVERYTHING… i mean, some guys do, but we aren’t all Steve Morse, Andy Wood, or Petrucci.

The concept of this A blues scale/dorian lick is to never pick the LAST note on a string. Using a pull off (or hammer on, if you’re ascending) gives your picking hand enough time to get to the next string a LOT easier. Eddie Van Halen and all kinds of other dudes have been using this trick for years, and now so will you!

Playing my Suhr Modern White Tiger with my Kemper Profiler. Lovely tones. Thanks for watching! .







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